What is a Baby Nurse?

A Baby Nurse is a non-medical trained infant specialist with extensive hands-on infant experience. She comes into the home to assist new parents with day-to-day care of their newborn. Additionally, she will educate the new parents on caring for their newborn baby, assist in establishing an eating and sleeping schedule for the baby, and provide assistance to breast feeding mothers.

What are the weekly fees?

Our fees are $525 for a singleton, and $625 for twins for 6 day/24-hour care. You have the option to keep the baby nurse for 7 days a week as well, for an additional fee. Our 12-hour night or day shift is $95 per night for a singleton and $110 per night for twins.

When do you assign a baby nurse to our family?

After your baby is born give our office a call and we will assign your baby nurse within 24-48 hours. We can be reached anytime of the day and can assign you a baby nurse on short notice.

What is the length of services?

There is no set time limit as to the length of time a family will need postpartum care. Some families keep a baby nurse for 2 weeks and some for up to 4 months depending on the specific families needs. There is a one week minimum and you have the option of extending the baby nurse's stay for as long as you need her help.

Why can't Caring Baby Nurses assign a baby nurse before the baby is born, like some other agencies?

At Caring Baby Nurses our group of Baby Nurse's work exclusively for our agency and do not want to spend ONE day without a job. Since the actual birth of your baby is unknown (and can easily be 2 weeks prior or 2 weeks after your due date), it is not possible for us to know which baby nurse will be available.

We DO guarantee that we will have an amazing baby nurse available for you after your baby is born, and that you will be fully satisfied and reassured with her. After a baby nurse begins with your family, you will have the option to extend her stay for as long as you need.

Do you have Baby Nurses with twins experience; what about triplets?

Yes, we have candidates who specialize in multiple care and have experience with twins and triplets.

Can I meet my Baby Nurse in person?

Unfortunately due to the busy schedule of our baby nurses, it is not possible to meet with them in person before the assignment begins.

How do you screen the candidates?

Our Baby Nurses fill out an application, are then met in person and all references are carefully checked and verified. They have all taken our newborn training course.